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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 15th June 2018

    Published 15/06/18

    Be Proud and No Excuses – Borough Athletics Event  

    Students from Sarah Bonnell represented the school in the Borough Inclusive Athletics Event on Thursday 7 June 2018. The Year TG girls competed well and really enjoyed the day. Be Proud

    Aim High - GCSE Exams

    The Year 11 students continue to show great resilience to the rigours of the national GCSE timetable. This week there 8 examinations with some students taking exams in both the morning and afternoon sessions.  Next week the schedule begins to tail off with the final examination on Friday 22 June – if you see Year 11 please keep congratulating and encouraging them. They have done us and themselves proud.

    Work Hard- Sarah Bonnell students collaborate, evaluate and achieve

    On Monday 11 June I visited some lessons as part of the normal school day and was really impressed with the way students were learning together. In English, Year 7 were constructing their own interpretation of a poem by Simon Armitage called Harmonium. In PE Year 10 GCSE students were using ipads to review video footage of their sprinting techniques in order to identify how they could improve. In Drama, Year 10 GCSE students were devising their own drama pieces in preparation for their assessed component. In Business Studies students were writing a practice exam question about whether a Bicycle Factory should remain in China or be located to the UK. In all of these lessons the girls were working together in a really effective way by discussing the work and evaluating strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to the task. There was lots of independent learning taking place and I appreciate the hard work done by students and staff to create such a great classroom atmosphere.

    Be Nice – Lunch-time for learning, for sport and for friends

    Lunch-time on Monday was a great time to see Sarah Bonnell students working together and showing that all important quality of Be Nice. The sun was shining and lots of different groups of girls were making great use of our outdoor space – one large group of Year 8 were with Ms Emmerson playing rounder’s on the Muga ( I saw two great catches),  another group were sitting in a circle of friends on the playground celebrating a birthday, three Year 7’s were working together on an English presentation about the War Poets from World War 1 and lots were reading on the green. In addition to this every lunch-time Sarah Bonnell Film Club shows a topical film over the week with an opportunity for a group discussion and critique on the Friday of each week. Last week students watched ‘Suffragette’. Huge thanks to Mr Begley, Assistant Headteacher for setting up this club and for all staff who are running clubs and activities at lunch-time.

    Be Nice – Jack Petchey Award winner Faythe shares her passion for drama   

    On Tuesday Lunch-time, Andrew Roberts-Mudie shared his skills as a professional actor with a select group of Year 10 Drama students. Faythe Desousa had used her £250 Jack Petchey Award to organise this Drama Workshop and the feedback from the students was really positive.

     Eid Mubarak – to all those in the school community celebrating Eid

    The devotion and faith of the Muslim community has been shown through these long summer days of fasting and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone celebrating Eid this week ‘Eid Mubarak’. 

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • Summer Term Dates

    Published 11/06/18

    I am writing to remind you about some important dates for the Summer Term and thank you for your continued support of the school.

    GCSE Examinations 2018

    GCSE examinations are taking place throughout May and June. Y11 students, parents and carers have received a separate letter outlining this year’s examination arrangements. Good luck to all of our Y11 students.

    Term dates

    Please make a note of the school term dates and holiday dates for the remainder of this school year.

    Summer half-term holiday - Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June 2018

    Summer holiday – Friday 20 July – Monday 3 September 2018

    Start of autumn term – Tuesday 4 September 2018

    On Thursday 19 July 2018 students will be dismissed at 1.10pm to begin the summer holiday.

    Our term dates for 2018-2019 can be found on the website on the following link:


    Please make sure your daughter attends school every-day during term-time to maximise her achievement. The school cannot authorise any requests for holidays or trips abroad during term-time.


    Thank you to all parents and carers for encouraging their daughters to come to school wearing the correct uniform. It is fantastic to see girls wearing the uniform with pride. As the warmer weather approaches this is to remind you that the school blazer remains a compulsory item of uniform throughout the year. A full list of our school uniform can be found on the website and can be directly purchased from our school uniform supplier:

    Ian Howard, 409 Barking Road, East Ham, London E6 2JT.  Tel. 020 8472 1729

    Keeping in touch

    If you have moved home or changed your phone/mobile number it is vital that you let the school know your new telephone number and full address. This is very important in the event of an emergency and helps us keep in touch.

    Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr

    The holy month of Ramadan is due to commence for our Muslim students. Ramadan is a period of prayer, increased religious devotion, self-control, charity-giving and goodwill to others. Ramadan is a time of fasting and control over the need to eat and drink during daylight hours.  Families will decide for themselves, in line with their mosque, how they and their children will observe Ramadan and it is certainly not the school's responsibility to interfere with those decisions.  However fasting can have profound impact on the performance of students especially during the long summer days. If your daughter is fasting please  ensure she is well prepared and understands the likely effects on her body during fasting and that she manages these challenges by:

    • eating well, with a balanced meal when breaking the fast and drinking plenty of re-hydrating fluids
    • managing her sleep effectively;
    • planning ahead by organising herself and equipment needed for school to fit around prayers and other Ramadan specific practices.

    On Friday 15 June 2018 the school will be closed for Eid Al-Fitr for most of school community. School will remain open for the Year 11 GCSE Science Examinations only on this date.

    Year 10 Work Experience

    Year 10 students will be off-site on work experience from Monday 2 – 6 July 2018.

    Sports Day 6 July 2018

    This annual event takes place on Friday 6 July for all students in Year 7, 8 and 9. More details will be sent out nearer the time.

    Please remember that you can keep up to date with everything that is going on at school through the Sarah Bonnell website ( and ‘app’ (

    Yours sincerely,

    Rae Potter

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  • Two Week Timetable

    Published 11/06/18

    School timetable 2018-2019

    I writing to inform you that next year the school will operate a two-week timetable. The decision to organise the timetable over a two-week cycle has been taken after careful consideration and consultation in order to ensure all students still get the opportunity to study a broad, balanced and compelling curriculum. There will be a Week A and a Week B.

    Why is the school changing from a one week to a two-week cycle?

    There are many benefits to a two-week timetable but the key reason for Sarah Bonnell was:

    • Easier for all subjects to have the appropriate amount of time to teach the content required by the new GCSE requirements and specifications.

    What will this mean for your child?

    Students will need to remember

    • Lessons may fall on different days during week A and B
    • Books and PE kit may need to be brought in on different days of the week
    • Students will have more time for some subjects

    Will school still start and finish at the same time?

    There will be no change to the timings of the school day:

    • The timings of the school day will be the same each week with the same timings as this year
    • Breaks and lunch-times are the same each week with the same timings as this year

    How will the school let us know which week is Week A and Week B

    Many schools use already use this system successfully and I am confident that students and staff at Sarah Bonnell will adapt quickly and easily.  However the school will also help everyone remember by:

    • Different bells for week A and B
    • Regular reminders in assemblies.
    • The weeks will be clearly shown in Student Planners with different colours for week A and week B
    • Week A or B will be advertised on the school website and the school app
    • Digital screens and noticeboards around the school will display Week A or B

    Other reminders:

    On Friday 15 June 2018 the school will be closed for Eid Al-Fitr for most of school community. School will remain open for the Year 11 GCSE Science Examinations only on this date.

    Year 10 Work Experience

    Year 10 students will be off-site on work experience from Monday 2 – 6 July 2018.

    Sports Day 6 July 2018

    This annual event takes place on Friday 6 July for all students in Year 7, 8 and 9. More details will be sent out nearer the time.

    Please remember that you can keep up to date with everything that is going on at school through the Sarah Bonnell website ( and ‘app’ (

    Yours sincerely,

    Rae Potter

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 8th June 2018

    Published 08/06/18

    Be Proud - Sarah Bonnell Music Hub and Cafeteria extension

    Following several months of consultation and meeting with architects, we now have some exciting plans for this building project to enhance the school facilities. The project will transform the existing Edwardian building, where the cafeteria is situated now, into a much larger cafeteria space on the ground floor and a suite of high quality music rooms on the first floor. These plans are still going through the consultation stage and students and staff will have further opportunities to make suggestions and share ideas in the coming weeks. The project aims to be completed for September 2019.

    Aim High - GCSE Exams

    The whole school community is proud of the way Year 11 students are approaching the GCSE examinations. The students are showing great resilience to the rigours of the national GCSE timetable. This week there have been examinations in the morning and afternoon on four days of the week with some students taking 11 examinations this week alone. Next week is another demanding schedule – if you see Year 11 please congratulate them and encourage them to keep up their great attitude and hard work.

    Work Hard- Newham Community Schools Trust

    Sarah Bonnell School continues to work together with Rokeby and Lister schools to prepare for conversion into a Multi-Academy Trust called Newham Community Schools Trust. Sarah Bonnell is getting prepared to convert on 1 July 2018 so that we can access the £600 000 CIF funding towards our building project to create a new Music Hub and extension for our cafeteria. Rokeby and Lister will convert shortly after this.  All three schools are looking forward to building on the great work we have done together so far in the new school year.

    Be Nice - Welcome to all the new Year 7 students and their families

    This week it has been a real pleasure meeting so many of the new cohort of Year 7 girls that will be lucky enough to join Sarah Bonnell School in September 2018. This year we have 270 Year 7 girls joining us and this week alone we have managed to have one-to-one meetings with over 240 of the new girls and their families. The meetings are an important opportunity to welcome them to our school community, share the Sarah Bonnell Way and check we have all the information we need to give these girls a great start to Year 7. I am really looking forward to meeting the girls again on Transition Day on Thursday 28 June and seeing them meet their teachers, the other girls in their tutor group and get to know their way around the school. Aim High new Year 7! Huge thanks to Ms Paine, Assistant Headteacher, Ms Fraser, Year Leader, Mr Walsh, Progress Leader and Ms Spiers, Front of House Reception, for everything they have done to make these meetings go so smoothly this week and to all staff who have taken part in welcoming the new cohort.

    No Excuses –be here to learn every day.

    At Sarah Bonnell we take great pride in the excellent attendance record of our school which was well above national averages for girls at 96.5% in 2016- 2017. I would like to thank parents and carers for the support they give their daughter with minimising absence and ask you to ensure that your daughter continues to be in school every day until the last day of this important term on Thursday 19 July 2018 and is ready to return to school on Tuesday 4 September 2018.

    Final reminder – school is closed on Friday 15 June for Eid-al-Fitr for most of the school community (Year 11 - school is OPEN for GCSE examinations until approximately 12 noon)

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 25th May 2018

    Published 29/05/18

    Today, after getting another week of GCSE exams successfully ticked off, we said goodbye to our wonderful Year 11 girls. Ms Brown, Year Leader, Ms Ihsan, Progress Leader, Mr Rudland, Assistant Headteacher and the Year 11 tutors said a heartfelt goodbye in a final assembly. The Year 11 team shared memories to mark the journey the girls have been on since joining the school in 2013. Head Girl, Hannah Dale, was cheered by the Year Group as she wished them all good luck for the future. I look forward to celebrating great GCSE results with the year group in August and hearing about their success in years to come. ‘Once a Sarah Bonnell girl, always a Sarah Bonnell girl’.

    On Thursday 24 May Ms Adel, Associate Senior Leader and Curriculum Leader for Computing accompanied a group of KS3 students to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Sandhurst hosted a special Careers Day, especially for girls’ schools, to promote a range of different STEM opportunities in different work settings. The girls had the whole day to explore STEM careers. An Ex Sarah Bonnell Student, Nicole, is training at Sandhurst. She was really surprised to see Ms Adel and was pleased to speak to the group and discuss her journey with them.

    I wish everyone a safe and happy half-term holiday and look forward to seeing the girls in school at the usual time on Monday 4 June 2018.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 18th May 2018

    Published 21/05/18

    GCSE Fine Art Exhibition 2018

    The highlight of this busy week has been the truly inspiring GCSE Art exhibition in the Piazza on Friday 18 May. The girls have had tremendous support from the art department: Ms Davies, Ms Pointer, Ms Hart and the quality of their final GCSE pieces and sketch-books is brilliant.  It was lovely to welcome parents, governors, colleagues from Bow Arts and the Whitechapel Art Gallery, teachers and students to the private viewing this afternoon and hear them congratulate the girls for their creative, skilful and inspiring works of art. Year 11 proudly explained their work to family and friends. s.












    The exhibition not only showcased painting but also stunning pieces of 3D art, sculpture and photography. Sarah Bonnell School is incredibly proud of all the Year 11 Art students and their teacher

    Rae Potter – Headteacher

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  • Year 11 Examinations

    Published 17/05/18

    The GCSE exams have started and I am writing to remind you of some key dates and ask for your continued support during this important time.

    GCSE Examination Leave 2018

    Monday 14 May - Friday 25 May your daughter will continue to attend school as normal attending timetabled lessons to do exam preparation and revision with her subject teachers in addition to taking her GCSE exams. This enables the school to continue to provide your daughter with the support she needs to go into each examination fully prepared.

    Friday 25 May following the GCSE English Literature Paper 2 examination your daughter will attend a Year Team Assembly. This is an opportunity to celebrate your daughter’s time at the school and wish her well for the future. Following this, students will be dismissed at the earlier time of 1.00pm to make their own way home. Students taking GCSE Textiles and GCSE Sociology will remain in school to sit their examinations at 2.00pm.

    Monday 28 May - Friday 1 June is half-term and a great opportunity for your daughter to continue her examination preparation at home. The school will also be running some revision workshops during the holiday for some subjects.  You will receive separate letters about these in due course.

    From Monday 4 June - Year 11 will begin Examination Leave. This means your daughter will only be required to attend school for the relevant examinations. We would encourage you to check your daughter's GCSE timetable to ensure she is here and on time for each examination. If your daughter has two exams on the same day she will be required to remain in school for the whole day. During Examination Leave we will be providing a supervised study area in school for Year 11 girls to revise and prepare for examinations if they wish. Your daughter is invited to continue her timetabled lessons for specific GCSE subjects until the final examination. Your daughter’s subject teacher will provide more details about this. 

    GCSE Examinations and Ramadan and Eid Al-fitr

    Grades attained at GCSE are critical to further education and career prospects of all young people. This year the GCSE examinations coincide with Ramadan and Science GCSE examinations are timetabled for the morning of Friday 15 June which is predicted to be Eid Al-Fitr. I am fully aware that families will decide for themselves, in line with their mosque, how they and their children will observe Ramadan and it is certainly not the school's responsibility to interfere with those decisions.

    However, it is important that I make you aware of the realities of the external examination system and the demands it places on young people. The external examinations timetable is determined by the national examination boards and not by the school. Sarah Bonnell School is not allowed to change the date or time of any exam. If any student fails to turn up to an examination, she will not be able to sit it later on that day or any other day during the 2018 summer external examination season. This applies to all GCSE and BTEC examinations. The grade for failing to attend an examination or for a missing paper is an X which would prevent your daughter from moving on to Sixth Form, college or apprenticeship.

    If your daughter is fasting during this examination period please ensure that she is well prepared, understands the likely effects on her body during fasting and that she manages these challenges well by:

    • eating well, with a balanced meal when breaking the fast and drinking plenty of re-hydrating fluids
    • managing her sleep effectively
    • getting plenty of rest between examinations
    • avoiding over-exertion during the day, especially if the weather is particularly warm
    • organising revision and exam preparation to fit around prayers and other Ramadan specific practices

    Aim High

    Sarah Bonnell is very proud of the way all our Year 11 girls have approached the examinations so far and would like to thank you for your continued support of the school.

    Rae Potter


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 11th May 2018

    Published 11/05/18

    Eco Projects – Year 8 showcase their ideas to Governors

    On Thursday our fabulous Year 8 students attended a Governors Meeting to talk about the learning they have been doing during Tutor Time on Eco Friendly Building Design. Year 8 have been making the most of their Tutor Time activities by working independently as a team to research building design and ecological issues. The students brought in 3D models of their classroom / school building design with composters, solar panels, wind turbines and other ecologic features. The Chair of Governors, Paul Leslie, thanked the girls for their thoughtful presentations and asked them to think about how to get their suggestions heard and acted upon particularly with the issue of recycling and reducing food-waste. Well done to all Year 8, Year 8 Tutors and Ms Cornwall, Ms Emerson and Mr Begley.

    Year 7 Rocket Car finalists compete at Royal Barracks


    The Year 7 winning team of our Rocket Car Race  went on to compete in the East London Regional finals at the Royal London Barracks on 10 May 2018. Students had to build a rocket car from scratch with the soldiers leading the workshops and race with the other schools. Year 7 seem to love STEM !

    Rae Potter – Headteacher


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 4th May 2018

    Published 08/05/18

    ELD Day – enriching experiences for all students

    We began another busy week with the fifth of our Extended Learning Days. Instead of following their usual timetable staff planned a range of great activities to help the students learn and develop new skills and take part in educational visits and workshops that extend their learning in a rich and meaningful way. Year 7 dodged the rain (again) to visit the Big Slide in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Year 10 had a ‘Boss Day’ as part of Sarah Bonnell’s excellent Careers Guidance programme. Huge thanks to Mr Archer for, once again, coordinating a very successful and rewarding day.

    Ms Hart, her daughter and an England Basketball Captain (right)

    Newham All Stars Sports Academy

    Sarah Bonnell have started Basketball Club on a Monday morning before school, which is being run by the brilliant Ms Hart, the Founder and Chief Executive of the Newham All Stars Sports Academy. This week we had 12 excited students attend the first session, and afterwards as part of our Extended Learning Day (ELD), they then got to go and visit the University of East London’s incredibly Basketball facilities, enjoy some professional coaching, and meet the former captain of the England Basketball team!

    Basketball Breakfast Club will continue running from 7.30-8.15, every Monday morning, and we can’t wait for more people to come along.

    Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge Regional Final 2018  

    On Wednesday evening, Sarah Bonnell School were the hosts of the prestigious ‘Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge’ event. Jack Petchey organise training for students from a number of schools across Newham, to help students become better public speakers. As hosts, 60 of our Year 10 students had the amazing opportunity to further develop their speaking skills, and two – Aysha Adam and Naima Chowdhury – were selected as our school champions. With a little bit of support and advice from last year’s winner, (and current Year 11 Sarah Bonnell student) Zaynah Ali, they prepared two fantastic, powerful and memorable speeches. There were 19 speakers in total, from over 15 different schools, and the quality of the performances from every student was incredible. The event was a huge success with students attending from across the borough, who were hugely impressed by the prefects who helped host the event, the musical performances from our two Year 11 students, the performers themselves, and by the school itself. Lyn Brown, MP, was delighted to present the awards to all those students who spoke so powerfully and our congratulations go to the winner of this years’ regional final, Shima Mohammed from Plashet School for Girls – we wish her every success in securing her place in the London Final. Be Nice, Aim High, Be Proud

    Special thanks to Ms Sahebdhin, Scholarship Coordinator, for her brilliant work supporting this event and bringing it to Sarah Bonnell and to Mr Begley for opening the event with a warm welcome and words of advice to all the young competitors. The organisers said ‘Last night was something special’ and I would definitely agree. Be Proud

    World Languages host a visit from a school in Germany

    Sarah Bonnell opened its doors to students and teachers from Germany. The visiting German students went to lessons, toured the school and experienced life in a London school as part of their trip to the UK. This gave students at Sarah Bonnell a chance to show how proud they are of their school and find out a little bit about life in a German school.  One difference they discovered was that in Germany the children stay in one classroom for most of their lessons; the teachers move from room to room to teach the different subjects on the curriculum.  Be Nice and Be Proud

    GCSE Exams are here – Year 11 ‘Aim High’

    This week Year 11 have had their GCSE Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic speaking examinations. I would like to thank all the World Languages team for their expertise with delivering the examinations and for the brilliant support they gave the girls prior to the exams during ELD day.

    Aim High and Work Hard

    A reminder that school is closed on Monday 7 May as this is a national Bank Holiday.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 27th April 2018

    Published 27/04/18

    Student Leadership Conference at Outwards Bounds

    Last weekend our newly elected Headgirl, Aliyah Irabor-York , Student Leadership Team, Members of the School Council and Prefects travelled to the Outwards Bound residential centre in the Lake District. The students enthusiastically took on a range of outdoor challenges to strengthen their team work and leadership skills. Ms Whitehouse, Progress Leader for Year 10 led the residential trip with Ms Bruna, Technology teacher and Ms Biltcliffe, Languages teacher. As always Sarah Bonnell students impressed the programme leaders with their resilience, team work and determination – the outdoors challenges giving them all a chance to work together to get things done. Be Nice and No Excuses

    Debate Mate success

    Congratulations to all the girls who took part in the Debate Mate competition this week and to Ms Sahebdin for organising and supporting the girls with developing their oracy skills. At Sarah Bonnell we focus on developing great communication skills and Ms Sahebdin has done a brilliant job of organising this training which gives students the chance to construct powerful arguments using key words, facts and public speaking skills to develop their confidence with this craft. Work Hard and Aim High

    STEM club lead the way with Eco Designs

    ON Tuesday the STEM club presented their Eco Classroom designs to a panel of prestigious judges in the finale of their work towards a STEM certificate. Over the last few months the students have been learning about Eco Friendly architecture and construction during their lunch-time STEM club. This has included having visiting speakers from Rolls Royce and doing research themselves about the science behind building design and environmentally sustainable construction. Ms Saleh, Science teacher and STEM Club leader has done a fantastic job of organising this great opportunity and I would like to thank her and all the panellists for their expertise.   Be Nice and No Excuses

    GCSE Revision is in full swing – Year 11 are focussed and calm

    On Thursday 26 April Mr Bowyer, Lead Practitioner and English teacher, worked with over 70 Year 11 GCSE students at lunch-time offering them stretch and support with their upcoming exams for ‘A Christmas Carol’. Aim High and Work Hard

    Year 7 Parents Evening – great conversations about learning

    On Wednesday 25 April the Year 7 Team welcomed our Year 7 students and their families to another successful parents evening. There was a lovely atmosphere in the Piazza and Assembly Hall as parents and carers talked to staff about their daughters learning.  Year 7 have had a very positive start to Sarah Bonnell and would like to thank Mr Walsh, Progress Leader, Ms Fraser, Year Leader and Ms Paine, Assistant Headteacher for all their hard work supporting the students to achieve their best.   Be Proud

    Marathon Success

    Sarah Bonnell works in partnership with Active Newham to encourage all students and staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and physical activity. Lisa Brivati from Active Newham sent us a message this week to let us know that the Sarah Bonnell students who ‘took part in the London Mini Marathon last Sunday were a huge credit to the school’. Well done to Dina, Daphne and Iman and thanks to Lisa for supporting the girls at this event. Congratulations to Ms May, PE Teacher who also completed the London Marathon on Sunday. Aim High

    Also Year 8 Netball team and Year 9 Netball team finished 2nd in the Borough Netball Leagues for each Year Group.  This is great news for the girls who trained and competed in this seasons matches. Thanks to Ms Emerson and Ms Bernard for coaching and supporting the teams. Be Proud

    A reminder that school is closed on Monday 7 May as this is a national Bank Holiday.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 20th April 2018

    Published 23/04/18

    Earth Day 2018 – Sarah Bonnell pledges to give a helping hand

    The Summer Term got off to a great start on Monday with Geography Leaders promoting the importance of Earth Day 2018 by having an interactive display in the Piazza, delivering assemblies and organising a lunch-time stall.  Thank you to Ms Hart, Geography Teacher and the Geography Leaders for getting Sarah Bonnell to think of things we can do now to protect the globe from further environmental damage. Be Nice and Be Proud

    Childnet Digital Leaders – great recognition

    Sarah Bonnell’s famous Digital Leaders were praised again by Childnet this week. Charlotte Mugarra D’Cruze wrote to say ‘another huge thanks for hosting us the other week.  We had such a fantastic time meeting the Digital Leaders and seeing some of the amazing work you have been doing.  We couldn’t quite believe how detailed and informative the presentations were’. It is great that the work we are doing to promote Digital Literacy and on-line safety is being recognised as outstanding practice. Well done Ms Adel, Associate Senior Leader. Be Proud

    Rocket Car Race – the rain didn’t stop Year 7 enthusiasm for STEM

    On Tuesday 27 March, despite torrential rain, Year 7 had the opportunity to see how their rocket cars performed in a speed race organised by the Royal Army. A rocket was placed in each of the model cars and the girls were able to see them zoom off. The winning team were SSSAH with a speed of 37.5ms. Congratulations to these girls, who will now be invited to race their new model car at the regional finals on the 10th May. Well done to Ms Adel, Ms Sahebdin and Ms Budhia for organising such a positive experience for Year 7. Aim High

    GCSE Exams – great start with Drama

    On Thursday 19 April, GCSE Drama students performed their final pieces in front of the external examiner. Ms Griffiths was really proud of the way the students approached the day and I am sure the examiner has gone away impressed with the quality of the performances. Today I was able to celebrate this success with four Year 11 students who were nominated for Headteacher’s Student of the Week because of their performances and participation in the exams this week. Be Proud

    Oxford University welcome Sarah Bonnell

    On Wednesday 18 April, Ms Sahebdin took a group of ambitious students to visit Oxford University as part of the launch of the Brilliant Club. Visiting this prestigious university gave the students a chance to find out more about university life and consider their goals for the future.  Aim High

    Rae Potter – Headteacher

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 27th March 2018

    Published 01/04/18

    O’Brien Family Scholarship – supporting the ambitions of Sarah Bonnell

    On Wednesday I was delighted to present Binta Bah with the first cheque for £1500 from the O’Brien Family Scholarship. Binta was pleased to receive this generous award which she intends to use to fund her participation in the Gap Medics programme in order to fulfil her ambition to study Medicine at University. The O’Brien Family scholarship has been generously established by Jeff and Alex O’Brien to support one of the Sarah Bonnell alumni each year to achieve their full potential at Sixth Form and University. Binta will receive another award of £1500 next year and a £7 000 award for each of the three years of her university education. Congratulations Binta and thank you to the O’Brien Family. #Aim High

    Achievement Assemblies

    This week the Year Teams have been proud to present achievement awards to students who have been nominated for showing their commitment to the Sarah Bonnell Way. All of the assemblies have had their own character with performances from students and speeches from Progress Leaders and the Senior Leadership Team. However one thing I have taken away from all the assemblies is the sense of pride all the students show in the achievements of others. Students in all year groups have been keen to celebrate the success of their peers. #Be Nice

    Sarah Bonnell definitely HAS got talent

    The audience at Sarah Bonnell has Got Talent were blown away with the quality of the performances in this annual competition on Wednesday 28 March. Once again, Ms Clare-Tipton and the Music and Drama team created a platform for students to show their amazing talents as singers and dancers. The three professional judges used their expertise and experience to review the performances and make all the difficult decisions. The judges took just four of the ten competitors through to the final. I enjoyed all the performances and would like to thank all the mentors for supporting the students throughout the competition.  Congratulations to Mahisha for being the 2018 winner with her great dance performance. # Be Proud  

    Welcome Event for Year 7 2018 and Buildings for their future

    On Tuesday we held our annual Welcome Event for the new cohort of 270 Year 7 students joining us in September 2018. These students come from lots of different primary schools in Newham and we will be working with these schools, the students and their families to make sure that they have the best possible start to Year 7. Each year from 2017 – 2021 Sarah Bonnell will be taking an additional 30 girls until we grow to a much larger school of 1350 students. Today we had confirmation from the government Education and Skills Funding Agency that we have been successful in our bid for £600k funding to go towards a new building programme that will ensure we have specialist classrooms and facilities to meet the needs of our expanding school. # Aim High

    Start of Summer Term 2018

    Summer Term begins on Monday 16 April 2018 at the usual time of 8.25am. I look forward to another successful term and wish you all a safe and happy spring holiday.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher

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