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Outward Bound March 2017

Year 9 Outward Bound 2017 - What's happened so far...


A very early start to the day, students and staff arrived at the school from 5.30am! Ready and excited for the week ahead. We set off, tired but looking forward to what was to come. The journey was not without delay, but once we got to Wales, the weather started to brighten up and we could see the beautiful landscapes which we would get to enjoy for the week!

After a longer than expected journey on Monday, we arrived to lovely sunny weather at the Outward Bound centre, Aberdovey. The views were breathtaking! After a quick intro, the students and staff were shown where they would be staying before having a warming and filling dinner - a choice of lamb tagine, chicken or veg pasta or fish fingers and desert. After that, we had the customary fire drill, where all groups got together, and met the other schools staying there for the week. Then we had our evening activity, with lots of team building, get to know you activities, preparation for expeditions and one group even did a night time gorge walk!! After a long day's travelling we were all then very happy to get some delicious hot chocolate and get into bed for a good night's sleep!!


Up at 7am, the students were down promptly to have a delicious hot breakfast and choice of cereals and hot or cold drinks. Groups then met up for their morning activities, 2 off on expedition, 1 to jog and dip then expedition and the rest of us off to the water centre to get ready for a day of canoeing and kayaking. After getting into our very stylish wet suits we got the boats and headed out onto the water. A windy day, the water wasn't calm but we got safely to our lunch stop, a beautiful secluded beach! Although at this point we were cold and had very wet feet, we then braced the water once again for the final journey to land. The journey was a hard one, and students and staff were challenged, but we finished with a real sense of achievement. We then headed back to the water centre and while some of us got to get changed back into warm dry clothes, a few groups had another challenge - the jetty jump!!! Many girls braved the jump into the cold water, climbing out with a real sense of joy and pride, well done girls!!! We then headed back to the centre to warm up, and are now waiting for dinner and looking forward to our evening activities!!!

Further updates to follow soon!!

Ms Whitehouse