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Headteacher's Weekly Message: 15th September 2017

This week the new Year 7 cohort have been hearing more about the Sarah Bonnell School values. Be Proud. Aim High. Work Hard. Be Nice. No Excuses. These values underpin everything we do and it’s great to hear the girls talking about them and behaving in a way that shows they understand their importance.

As part of our new GCSE Pathways Curriculum this year students in Year 10 began their GCSE Photography option. Ms Davies, Head of Art, said that the students are really enjoying learning about the basics of photography and have been using the rule of thirds to capture interesting images on the SLR cameras this week. Photography is just one of the different GCSE subjects students can choose to study as part of the Curie and Hadid Pathway. Aim High Year 10. Photo (left) by Jamila Sultana Year 9.

BBC Question Time came to visit Sarah Bonnell School this week. Three large mobile recording studios, a team of 20 rigging crew and 10 strong production team, camera crew, sound engineers, directors, producers and 5 prestigious panellists, one legendary political journalist and TV presenter Sir David Dimbleby.  The Senior Prefect team were given a brilliant opportunity to meet Sir David Dimbleby as he rehearsed and tested lighting, sound and visuals in the school assembly hall which had been transformed into the Question Time studio. Girls from Year 7-11 interested in the media worked with the Senior Producer earlier in the day to get a real insight into the production process and a behind the scenes look at a high profile TV programme. The girls did were great ambassadors for the school and appreciated this unique opportunity.


Above, Sir David Dimbleby with Headteacher, Rae Potter, Sarah Bonnell Head Girl, Hannah Dale, Deputy Headgirls Manisha Teji, Siobhan O’Farrell and Assistant Headgirls, Khadeji Shebani, Iman Vohra, Abida Hayat, Sofia Genuise, Aysha Jolly and Nura Msallam during Question Time sound checks and rehearsals on Thursday 14 September 2017.

Huge thanks to Dan Rogers, Director of Finance, Personnel and Operations who planned the visit meticulously and to Russell Sampson, Site Manager and the premises team who worked alongside Dan to make the event a success .Once again Sarah Bonnell pulled together as a team to make the whole day a great experience for all. Be Proud.

And finally, at Sarah Bonnell we value the cultural diversity of our school community and as a result students and staff are busy planning a range of events, lessons and displays to mark Black History Month in October. Parents are also invited to get involved – please contact Ms Sangster, Deputy Headteacher, to find out more.