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Headteacher's Weekly Message: 15th December 2017

This week has shown how well students and staff work together at Sarah Bonnell to think of others and raise money for charity.

Year 10 School Council get inspired to raise money for United World Schools

On Wednesday the Year 10 School Council organised a really nice after-school event to raise money for United World Schools. The girls transformed the Sports Hall into a lively Winter Fair full of stalls, games and activities they had organised themselves. There was a ‘Guess the Baby’ competition to test whether staff could be correctly matched up to their baby-photo. There was a ‘human’ fruit-machine with Year 10 Tutors and teachers, Ms Nicholson, Ms Bernard and Ms Ahmed doing a great job of making us all laugh and some very creative stalls selling bracelets, chocolate, cards and other gifts. Well done to everyone involved for making this such a nice event but especially to Ms May, for supporting the Year 10 School Council and organising the logistics.

Book Drive success

This week students have been giving out free books as part of Ms Malik’s campaign to get Sarah Bonnell reading. The books have been given out during lunch-time to give everyone at Sarah Bonnell the chance to pick up their free book to read over the coming winter holiday. The books have been donated to the school by students and staff who wanted others to read books they have already enjoyed reading – a powerful bit of recycling too!

The Learning Hub also organised a successful Book Fair selling new books – sales have enabled Ms Kaur to secure 35 brand new books free of charge for the school library.

Excellent news for all those students keen to get access to books they have not read before.

Flashing fairy- lights and jingling bells help Sarah Bonnell raise over £1800 for charity

Today Sarah Bonnell raised over £1800 for the school charity, United World Schools. This money will help children in our school in Cambodia to have access to teachers, resources and facilities that will ensure they can continue to enjoy school and learn. Students and staff all entered in to the spirit of the day by donating £2 for the privilege of swapping their normal school clothes for clothes of their own choice. Many staff and students added a seasonal twist to this non-uniform day by wearing winter jumpers and clothes with a Christmas theme. There were some brilliant outfits with flashing lights and jingling bells including this hand-designed hat.

The school canteen served traditional ‘Christmas lunch’ today which went down very well with everyone.

End of Term

Term ends on Wednesday 20 December. Students will be dismissed at the end of lesson 4 at 12.50pm. School will be closed to students at 1.10pm.   

The new term starts on Wednesday 3 January 2018 at the usual time for all students.

 Rae Potter – Headteacher