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Headteacher's Weekly Message: 29th June 2018

Be Proud – Year 11 Prom 2018

On Tuesday 26 June the Piazza and Assembly Hall were transformed to celebrate the graduation of Year 11 as they leave Sarah Bonnell and move on to Key Stage 5 and the next stage of their learning. Students were dressed to impress as they walked up the red carpet into the Piazza. Thank you to all the staff and Year 10 prefects who worked hard to make this a very successful event with especial thanks to Ms Brown, Year Leader who coordinated the event. Be Proud

Work Hard- Vitality Day

One Wednesday 27 June Ms Nicholson and the PE team coordinated a brilliant day of activities to inspire students to get active and promote vitality. There were bungee runs, ballet dancers, rowing challenges, basketball sessions, mindfulness and meditation to name a few of the activities. Students and staff also wrote pledges to commit to doing something different to improve their vitality.

Be Nice – Year 6 Transition Day

On Thursday 28 June we welcomed 261 of our new Year 7 cohort. The Globe Theatre and North Face provided some great workshops to get the students to make friends and work together as a team. Year 7 had the opportunity to put up a tent on the green and participate in a performance of a Midsummer’s Night Dream. The students also got to know their Tutor and their way around the school as well as become familiar with routines like break=time, assembly and lunch. . Well done to the Year 7 team and Big Sisters for supporting the students and giving them a great first day at Sarah Bonnell. Be Nice

Aim High – Science and the real world

Students took part in an investigation to solve a fictitious crime that had taken place at SB; to do this they were presented with evidence collected from the crime scene, including hair samples, cloth fibres and a handwritten note. Students compared this evidence with samples collected from 5 suspects and used forensic analysis techniques such as chromatography, light microscopes and fingerprinting to successfully deduce who the culprit was by working collaboratively and sharing their findings. Aim High

 No Excuses – Year 7 take action on Sustainability

A group of 12 Year 7 students are currently working on a sustainability project organised by Ms Sangster, Deputy Headteacher in collaboration with London Stadium Learning. This is an exciting project that is fully funded by Newham Positive Action and will enable students to explore important issues that relate to the environment and how we can take better care of it to preserve it for future generations. As part of the project the students visited The Siemens Chrystal to research ways to make the school more sustainable. The students involved have decided they will:

  • Recycle single use plastic bottles to create a greenhouse for the school garden.
  • Educate the school community on the perils of using single use plastic and impact on oceans
  • Lead a recycling programme within the school to ensure we dispose of all waste in a more environmentally friendly way.

Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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