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Fairtrade Tuck-Shop Success

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This year has been very rewarding for the Year 8 council as we have had a successful turnout to our “Fairtrade Tuck-Shop”.

So far we achieved 2 out of three awards, the Fair Aware Award and Fair Active Award; we are working hard to achieve the third and final Fair Achiever award.

We love working for Fairtrade because we are helping others in developing countries and we are grateful for your support!

As of now we have raised over £500 and we hope your continued support will help us raise even more.

As the School Council representatives, we have been working hard to make Fairtrade a permanent success here at Sarah Bonnell with the development of the Fairtrade group with support from the Sarah Bonnell School student body, including yourself. We are proud that such a committed team has taken over the project as we forward to in developing new ideas that will make our school and community better.

If you have any ideas inform your council representatives. Please express your voice as all ideas will be fed back to the year 8 council where we will try to make them happen.  We are looking forward to starting on our new projects very soon.

Thank you to all the students and staff for supporting us in everything we do.

Year 8 Student Council