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On Tuesday 14th June, the two year 10 GCSE PE groups went to the Oxygen Freejumping Trampolining Centre in West Acton.

We were all extremely excited for this trip as we had heard that it was a lot of fun and it did not disappoint. When arriving at the centre we met the workers who told us the rules of the centre and then we went straight in to jumping. This was a new experience for the majority of us and as well as enjoying ourselves, it also made us healthier and fitter as we did a whole hour of constant trampolining. We took part in a wide range of activities such as trampolining, obstacle courses, basketball, dodgeball, and a runway with an airbag. It was also really great to see the fun side of the PE teacher and we all came out of our comfort zone by trying so many new things. The trip made us engage and socialise with our peers from the other class whilst having fun. It isn’t a place where you would go everyday which made it so special. Going to the Oxygen Freejumping centre was phenomenal and we can’t wait to go again.

By Meg Kodjo and Loraine Babeki-Lawu