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Sarah Bonnell School Business Links

Sarah Bonnell School celebrates a year of strengthening links between schools and businesses. 

Students met enterprise advisers and Robert Halfon MP, the minister of state for apprenticeships and skills. 

The London Enterprise Adviser network has been helping youngsters, including those at Sarah Bonnell, by using volunteers to inspire and inform them about the workplace.

Mr Halfon called the scheme “empowering and encouraging.”

He said, “It is fantastic to see how the Careers & Enterprise Company’s Enterprise Adviser Network is empowering and encouraging young people across the capital to learn about the world of work - especially young women here at Sarah Bonnell School. I look forward to more schools and colleges taking advantage of this successful network to help every student get on the ladder of opportunity.”

Sarah Hughes, an enterprise adviser at Sarah Bonnell school, said she joined the network as a way of giving back to her local community.

She said, “The Enterprise Adviser Network has the potential to really shake up how careers education is viewed and delivered in the UK. It can help schools focus on effectively supporting students work out what they like and enjoy doing as much as what they like and enjoy learning by using the frontline expertise of the volunteers to help shape practical careers education strategies.”

Diana (Year 10) said, "Mr Halfon spoke to us about what his role is and what he does to help with careers and apprenticeships thus giving students a deeper insight into the various career paths available to us.  It was an amazing experience overall and I hold great gratitude to the teachers that organised it."

Khadeja (Year 10) said, "We are extremely lucky to have opportunities in Sarah Bonnell School and be exposed to these different career options. This has definitely shown me how valuable these experiences and programs are and how lucky we are to have them in our school."