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teaching staff 

  • Salma Adel - Curriculum Leader for Computing, IT & Business
  • Sabrina Sahebdin
  • Meenaxi Bhudia

Curriculum Aims

At Sarah Bonnell School we aim to ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn and achieve in Computing. Students are taught a variety of skills in their Computing lessons which they will use throughout their lives in and out of school. During their Computing studies students are taught how to code using various programming languages. This in turns enables students to develop their computational thinking and develops their skills further in the subject.

Students have the latest computers in class as well as access to IPads. We aim to encourage students to become independent and confident learners. The digital world is constantly changing and we encourage our students to become producers of products and to further study computing once they leave school. As a department we hope to provide students with the best Computing, IT & Business experience.

Year 9 

In year 9 we deliver Business Studies which is a highly desirable subject which offers students an insight into the real working world as well as equipping them with a wide and varied knowledge of Marketing, Finance and Accounts, Operations Management, Human Resource Management and the External Environment and Economy.

Students are also introduced to Business during the year 9 Computing lesson, they take part in an Enterprise challenge entitled ‘The Tenner Challenge!’ students get a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. It will give them an opportunity to think of a new business idea and make it happen, using real money to take calculated risks in the business field, make a profit – and make a difference. 


In Computing students advance their current knowledge of computer programming skills, through writing more complicated programs. They further their knowledge and understanding of hardware, software and internet technologies.  

Year 9 Computing curriculum includes: 

  • History & Future technology
  • Game design using App invention
  • Tycoons in Business
  • Programming with Python
  • System Architecture


In IT students advance their knowledge of current and emerging technologies. This course is engaging and allows students to use a range of IT tools and techniques to help solve a problem. Students are able to develop their ability to work collaboratively.

Year 9 IT curriculum includes: 

  • Creative projects
  • Binary Numbers, and how they are used to represent of text, images and sound
  • Coding using the Python programming language (beginners and advanced)
  • Computational thinking (incorporating algorithms, flowcharts, Boolean algebra, hexadecimal)
  • Computer Networks and the Internet
  • Online Safety (incorporating web design)
  • Creating animation, video editing and special effects


In Business, students start by exploring the world of small businesses through the lens of an entrepreneur. They learn how to develop an idea, spot an opportunity and turn it into a successful business. Students will understand how to make a business effective, manage money and see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.

Then students move on to investigating business growth. Students learn about key business concepts and issues and decisions they need to make when growing a business and working in a global business. They learn about meeting customer needs and explore how the wider world impacts the business as it grows.

Year 9 Business curriculum includes: 

  • How and why do business ideas come about 
  • What makes a successful business 
  • How a business develops beyond the start-up phase
  • Customer needs
  • Marketing, operational, financial and human resourcing