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Curriculum Statement

At Sarah Bonnell School we provide you with a curriculum that stimulates your curiosity and is relevant and appropriate so that you can ‘Be Proud. Aim High. Work Hard. Be Nice. No Excuses’. Lessons, clubs, trips and visits are planned and delivered in a way that is closely matched to your different learning needs and interests so that you can make the best possible progress and enjoy learning.

Our curriculum aims to support and challenge students to:

Be Proud

  • Develop as a courageous and confident young woman ready to make a valuable contribution to your local, national and global community
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of how to nurture your own physical and emotional health and well-being
  • Gain the confidence to challenge inequality, celebrate diversity and the courage to challenge stereotypes that might limit your opportunities

Aim High

  • Develop your love of learning across a wide range of subjects including the Sciences, Arts and Humanities.
  • Communicate in more than one language so that you can seize the global opportunities increasingly available today in equal competition with your often multilingual international peers.

Work Hard                           

  • Build on your achievements at Key Stage 2
  • Challenge you to gain the new knowledge, skills and understanding needed for life in a 21st Century world
  • Achieve qualifications that will secure for you the best pathway on to Key Stage 5, University, Apprenticeships and employment.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence as a resilient and determined learner

Be Nice

  • Develop your team work and leadership skills by learning and problem-solving in groups
  • Develop your communication skills to enable you to express yourself in powerful, critical, respectful and creative ways through spoken, written and digital media.

No Excuses

  • Develop your literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills
  • Participate fully in the opportunities to learn in and out of the classroom