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Foundation Bursaries

Foundation Awards

Ex-pupils will only be considered for a Foundation Award if they follow post-18 education at university. These Awards are distributed by the Foundation Governors to assist ex-students with their studies in Higher Education. They are paid out, on a yearly basis, at the discretion of the Foundation Governors to girls who fulfil the necessary criteria, please see below. The level of this award is £250.

No former student will receive more than one award during their studies. This award would normally be given in the second year of a course, and is intended to contribute towards the purchase of texts books and other study materials.

To be considered for an Award an ex-student must contact the school before November of any given year, informing the school of her name and contact address. It must be stressed that if a girl does not make this information known she will not be considered for an award.


Necessary Criteria

  • You must be under the age of 25
  • You must be a resident in Newham
  • You must be either in the second or third year of your studies.

This application form for an Award has to be completed by the applicant, signed by her COURSE TUTOR and endorsed with the College stamp to verify that the stated course has been followed and attended regularly.

Once this form is returned to Sarah Bonnell School the necessary information can be collated and then passed to the Foundation Financial Advisers, who will make the decisions as to which girls are to receive the Awards.

Unless, all necessary information is given to the school there will be no way of knowing which students are eligible for these Awards and it is up to each girl to make sure that all the details are given to the school.

The closing date for the receipt of applications for this year is 14th December 2018. Former students who are successful in their application should receive their cheques prior to 31 March next year.

Please find the application below.