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School Procedures

If a student is absent from school parents must inform the school either by telephone or via the app on the first morning of the absence and on each subsequent day of absence. On her return your daughter should show her tutor the completed absence slip in her planner, even if you have left a message. If you do not inform the school of your daughter’s absence you will be sent an automated text message  which identifies any student who has not registered that day.

We expect all students to arrive to school on time before 8.25am. Students arriving late must sign in at Student Services. Students who are late will be given a detention a 20 minute detention.

Out of School Appointments
Students who go to the GP, dentist or hospital  must have an appropriate appointment card or letter to give to their form tutor during morning registration. They will be given a form which sets out details of the appointment. At the time of leaving school the student must report to Student Services to sign out.  The student should keep the form with them when they are out of school. On returning to school the student must sign in at Student Services. Please make every effort not to make appointments during school time.

Change of Address
For Safeguarding reasons, Parents/Carers are asked to let the school know immediately in writing of any change of home address, telephone number, places of work and emergency contact information.

Leaving the School Premises
No student is allowed to leave the school premises during the school sessions without permission from parents and an appropriate member of staff.

Lunch Arrangements
All students have to remain on the school premises during lunchtime. They can either have a school meal from the cafeteria or bring a packed lunch.

Allocation to Tutor Groups in Year 7
We are committed to ensuring that the full range of abilities and ethnicities are represented in each tutor group. Students may be moved between tutor groups following a Year 7 review in the second half of Autumn Term or at anytime after this.

Study Support and Out of Hours Learning
Our Learning Hub is available at lunch times and after school to help students with coursework and homework completion and private study. The Learning Hub comprises of a library and ICT facilities for independent learning before school, lunchtime and after school. We encourage all students to become involved in the many extension and enrichment activities that are offered throughout the week and during school holidays. A programme of activities is published each term.

Achievement Points 
Achievement Points are awarded to students for effort and good work and are recorded in the school planner. Bronze, Silver & Gold certificates are awarded to students who have gained the appropriate number of points. A service to the school award is made to students for extra-curricular and other activities. Certificates are also awarded for good attendance and punctuality.

Equipment, books and paper are provided for every student in every subject. Parents are asked to ensure that their daughter equips herself with some very basic items:

  • Blue or black ink pen or ball point pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Coloured pencils

In addition to these items your daughter should take an English language dictionary to every lesson.

For Mathematics lessons she will need:

  • Compasses
  • An angle measurer or protractor
  • A calculator e.g. Casio SL-450, is sufficient for Years 7 and 8
  • A scientific calculator e.g. Texas TI-30X, is needed for Years 9, 10 and 11

Students will need to buy their own dictionaries for Modern Languages lessons, depending on their choice.

The school cannot accept responsibility for the theft of and damage to personal items, please do not bring these into school.

Books and equipment should be carried in a school bag which protects them from damage - small handbags are not suitable. The school cannot accept responsibility for theft of and damage to personal items. We recommend that large amounts of money, radios, personal stereos, mobile phones and/or pagers are not brought into school. The electronic items mentioned above are not allowed to be used during the school day.

Parents may wish to take out personal insurance policies to cover electronic items or expensive clothing.

Home/School Partnership Agreement
Parents/Carers and students are asked to sign a partnership agreement which recognises that we are all partners in the learning process. Working together we can ensure that every student achieves her full potential.

Student Planner
All students will be issued with a school planner which includes essential information about school procedures as well as lesson and homework timetables.

Homework is an essential part of the school curriculum. It is regularly set by subject teachers and provides important opportunities for students to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in all subjects. The regular completion of homework enables students to develop independent learning skills and motivates them to greater achievement. The school's Learning Hub is open daily and provides a supportive environment for the completion of homework tasks. Details of the homework set and dates due are recorded in the school planner.

Parents are asked to check homework record sheets and sign the homework planner each week. A section inviting parents/carers to communicate with the Form Tutor and teachers is also provided.

Reporting to Parents
A number of parents' meetings are held each year to discuss a variety of issues including student progress. The school holds an Open Evening each year for interested parents to visit the school prior to children transferring to secondary education. The Governing Body writes an annual report to parents containing, among other things, a summary of the Governing Body's actions during the previous twelve months in carrying out its duties and functions. An annual meeting with parents is also organised so that the work of the Governing Body, the School and Local Education Authority can be discussed. Each year a full report covering all areas of learning is issued to parents. Parents are also welcome to attend our assemblies.

If parents have any concerns at any time about their daughter's progress they must tell us so we can help. There is always a member of staff available to talk to you.

The School Bulletin (SBS News)
A School Bulletin is sent to parents each term. This gives an account of what has happened during the term and details of forthcoming events and activities.

The following rules and health and safety regulations are for the benefit and safety of everyone.

Health & Safety Regulations
Students walk quietly around the school, keeping to the LEFT in corridors and on staircases. The ‘one way' routes must be observed:

'Piazza' staircase UP 

'C' staircase DOWN

'G' staircase UP

'J' staircase DOWN

Students may only eat and drink in designated areas.


Note: Drinks brought from home must be in cartons, cans or plastic bottles.


Students enter and leave the school by the pedestrian entrance in Water Lane.

School Rules

Students should:

  • Follow the agreed ‘Code of Behaviour'.
  • Arrive at lessons on time and with the necessary equipment.
  • Record homework in the planner and complete it on time.
  • Wear the correct school uniform.
  • Bring to school the following items of equipment as listed in the School information folder:
    • pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener
    • dictionary
    • reading book
    • calculator, compasses, angle measurer or protractor
    • other items needed for particular lessons

Mobile Phones, MP3 players, iPods and other such personal items
These should be kept in bags or lockers at all times and should not be visible. They must be switched off and are not to be used in the school buildings or the playground. Any of these items which are visible will be confiscated.

Chewing gum and bubble gum
Are forbidden and must not be chewed anywhere on the school premises.

Mobile Phones
Students are allowed to bring mobile phones to school. However, these must be

  • Switched off (not on silent)
  • Kept in lockers or bags

They may NOT be used or be visible anywhere on the school premises, including the playground. If mobile phones are seen by any member of staff they will be confiscated. Spot checks are carried out to ensure they are switched off. Phones found switched on will be confiscated for 24 hours up to a maximum of 48 hours.

Celebration of Achievement Evening for School Leavers
Students who take GCSE Examinations in the Summer Term are invited to celebrate their achievements at the Celebration of Achievement Evening held during the following Autumn Term.