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The Learning Hub at Sarah Bonnell provides the whole school community with the opportunity to access learning, information and cultural expression through written print, audio, visual and interactive resources and technologies. Equipped with state of the art technology, it offers a space where students can read, study and research in a comfortable and modern setting.



The Learning Hub is managed by the following members of staff;

  • Learning Hub Manager: Ms Kaur
  • Learning Hub Assistant: Ms Du Cran

Accelerated Reader Programme

All Key Stage 3 students are enrolled onto the Accelerated Reader programme which helps students to improve their literacy skills through reading a range of books and testing their comprehension of it by completing an online quiz. Each book is worth a certain amount of points, so the more the students read, the more quizzes they complete meaning, the more points they accumulate. 

To assess students’ reading ages, they will first sit a Star Reading Test which will give them not only their reading age, but also the level of literacy they should be reading. After we have this information students will be able to borrow books by following the colour coding system which indicates the different levels. Quizzes are completed fortnightly during Accelerated Reader lessons in the Learning Hub.

Further Star Reading Tests are conducted over the course of the year so we can check student’s progress. Students who make excellent progress or get the highest point score are rewarded.

Students in Key Stage 4 also have their reading ages checked twice a year and are free to borrow books at their leisure.

Outside of lessons the Learning Hub is open to students at the following times:


Year Group

Before school (07:45-08:25)


Break time









7 & 8

9, 10 & 11

7 & 8

9, 10 & 11

9, 10 & 11

After school: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri (15:10-17:00)

                        Wed                       (14:30-16:45)


The Learning Hub stock is regularly updated with the latest publications and we ensure it meets the needs of the whole school community. A growing range of newspapers and magazines are also made available to support the curriculum and to engage students in current affairs.

Our policy statement on the resources stocked in the Learning Hub can be found by clicking on the link below.