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The Sarah Bonnell Way

Be Proud.

Have pride in yourself, your uniqueness, culture and heritage; have pride in your school and its community.

Aim High.

Have personal goals; challenge yourself and don’t settle for what is easily achieved.

Work Hard.

Always try your very best with everything you do. Don’t give up, persevere if things get challenging.

Be Nice.

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

No Excuses.

Take responsibility for your actions at all times; if something goes wrong accept it, make it right and move on.

All students and staff at Sarah Bonnell have the right to be educated and to work in a safe, clean environment, free from harassment. We consider any form of bullying or interference with another student’s learning to be unacceptable.

In order to maintain a pleasant school we will all try our best to:

  • make everyone who comes to the school feel welcome
  • treat ourselves and others with respect and consideration and remember that we are all of equal value
  • maintain appropriate relationships and boundaries with each other
  • speak to one another politely without using abusive or offensive language
  • listen to one another and respect ideas and beliefs that are important to other people
  • respect other people's property
  • take a pride in the school's reputation, both on and off premises
  • help to maintain a clean and attractive environment
  • follow the school rules and health and safety regulations
  • ask for help or support if faced with difficulty