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At Sarah Bonnell School, we have high expectations around student presentation and as such insist that the uniform policy is adhered to by all.  We offer some choice of alternatives and therefore require that all students purchase uniform items from within the stipulated range, and, where specified, from the recognised suppliers.

It is your responsibility to ensure your daughter wears the correct uniform.



Open neck – pale blue, ¾ LENGTH SLEEVE
Purchased from school uniform suppliers or other stockists


Navy – Tailored with pockets. Purchased from school uniform suppliers and other stockists. Navy jeans or leggings are not permitted.

Blazer – Traditional Style

Traditional style - NAVY - Can be purchased from uniform suppliers or other shops. A blazer is compulsory for Years 7 and 8.

School Badge

Can be purchased from uniform suppliers and school.

School Bag

The school bag must be black or navy and large enough for an A4 book and either a rucksack or messenger style. No other bag will be allowed


School approved style only. Skirts must be knee-length. Students who wish to wear a longer skirt are reminded that it must be NAVY and just above the ankle

Polo Shirt

PALE BLUE with school logo-purchased from uniform suppliers

V-Neck Long Sleeve Jumper

NAVY with school logo- purchased from uniform suppliers

Sleeveless Jumper (Tank Top)

NAVY with school logo-purchased from uniform suppliers


NAVY with school logo- purchased from uniform suppliers
Jilbab NAVY – with school badge - purchased from school supplier Ian Howard only.


NAVY – with school badge purchased from school supplier Ian Howard only

Head Scarves

LIGHT BLUE - these have to be the school approved headscarves purchased from uniform suppliers or the school only.


Scarfs can be purchased from school uniform suppliers.The scarves are also available to purchase in school for £5.

Students are not allowed to wear head coverings as a fashion item and will be sent home if they are not wearing the proper headscarf.




FLAT PLAIN BLACK, or plain black trainers. Boots are not permitted.

Socks Plain WHITE, BLACK, NAVY- knee or ankle length


Plain Black or NAVY


Should not be worn. If it is imperative that a student needs to wear a T-shirt under the current pale blue shirt or Polo shirt, this must be white and it must not be visible through the fabric or at the neck

Physical Education

For gymnastics and dance

Plain black leotard + plain black round neck t-shirt. Plain black leggings/black aerobic `stretch’ trousers

For games

Black jogging bottoms or black tracksuit bottoms or black PE shorts.

Plain white “polo” shirt with school badge, purchased from school uniform suppliers only or a plain white “polo” shirt.

White training shoes with a non-marking sole. White socks.

A swimming costume/leotard for swimming (colour of your choice) + a swimming hat.

Students wishing to wear a head covering in PE / games lesson must change their uniform headscarf to a plain black, stretchy fabric headscarf. This must be tied securely and use no sharp pins or brooches.


Trainers may be worn during practical lessons


To ensure that our students are appropriately dressed for school we continue to have the following expectations regarding their dress.



Students may wear the following to school:

One pair of small stud earrings. If a stud earring is worn it should be small and enable the earlobe to be visible. Hooped earrings are not allowed for health and safety reasons.


  • One pair - small stud earrrings
  • One wristwatch
  • One small ring,
  • One thin necklace - no chains

Any additional jewellery will be confiscated.



We would like to ask for your support in ensuring that students do not attend school wearing make-up or nail varnish. Students who wear make-up to school will be asked to remove it.

Hair colour should be restricted to ‘natural’ colour and styles should not be too extreme.

or ‘attention grabbing’ e.g. large stripes of colour. Large hair accessories must not be worn. Clips and hairbands must be plain blue, black or white.



No face or body piercings are allowed.

ID Cards and Lanyards

Each new student will be issued with an ID card, which they can scan on the Cash Loading machines and top up the card to enable them to purchase food and drink from the cafeteria. This card is also used to print out students’ work on the school photocopiers and to borrow books from the library.  They will also be issued with a lanyard and holder for the ID card which they are expected to wear at all times, as part of the school uniform.  If a student loses an ID card, lanyard or holder it must be replaced by the student at the following cost:


ID Card (including lanyard and holder) - £5.00

ID Card                                                         - £3.30

Lanyard                                                        - £1.20

Holder                                                           -   0.50

All uniform items (including PE kit) must be marked with the student’s name.


Uniform Suppliers

Kids-Biz Ltd
5 Orchard Hill
Surrey GU20 6DB
Tel: 01276- 300120/472476
Mob: 07973 723934

Fax: 01276 300119

Lucilla Ltd
179 Cranbrook Road
Essex IG1 4TA

Tel: 020 8554 5133

Ian Howard
409 Barking Road
East Ham
London E6 2JT

Tel: 020 8472 1729

All items embroidered with the school badge and the headscarf can ONLY be purchased from these suppliers.

All Sarah Bonnell students are required to wear the correct school uniform as agreed by the Governors.


Any item of clothing not contained in this list is not allowed to be worn in school. If a student is not wearing the correct uniform they may be sent home to change and face the appropriate school sanction