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Exploration Project

The Year 7 curriculum at Sarah Bonnell supports the transition between Year 6 and Year 7 and introduces students to new subjects, experiences and skills. To enable a smooth transition into Secondary education, students learn through a cross curricular theme of “Exploration” during their initial weeks of the school Year. This project stretches from transition day in Year 6, providing consistency across a range of new subjects and environments to support the transition and deliver an exciting and engaging foundation to the curriculum in Year 7. The project culminates in a celebration event, this is an opportunity to showcase the work of Year 7 students. All Year 7 Parents are invited to join us at this evening in celebrating the work completed by their daughters.


Humanities Carousel

Geography, History and PSHRE are taught as a termly carousal in Year 7, this enables a greater depth of study within a subject and supports student’s transition from primary to secondary by reducing the number of teachers students see in a week and helps builds greater relationships which are fundamental for inclusion and progress. 


Learning for Life

Learning for life develops a range of skills and learning competencies that can be transferred across the curriculum. Students are encouraged to become critical thinkers and resilient learners who adopt a growth mind-set. Students develop the skills which allow them to become courageous and confident young women who are able to make a contribution to their community.


Access and Inclusion

A&I support students with a range of learning profiles through 1:1 in-class support, small-group interventions such as Lifeboat literacy and LEXIA.  The TG curriculum is provided for students who benefit from a personalised provision in literacy, numeracy and social skills.  TG is led by specialist teachers and supported by experienced Teaching Assistants. 


Higher Able

The curriculum is designed to stretch and challenge all students. This ensures that students continue the school’s success in ensuring students of all academic abilities make excellent progress. The highest attainers follow a curriculum which introduces GCSE ideas and concepts early, through consistent high expectations in all lessons and through the provision of exciting extra-curricular opportunities inside and outside of school. The most able students also are invited to be a part of a bespoke Scholarship programme which provides opportunities which have been designed to extend and accelerate learning.


Year 7 Extended Learning Days

To support all of the students at Sarah Bonnell we have an exciting and stimulating programme of 6 Extended Learning Days across the Year, where the students are off-timetable for the day, participating in enriching activities to support their learning.

The purpose of Extended Learning Days are to:

  • Allow students the opportunity to experience learning outside of the classroom through a comprehensive visits and events calendar
  • Encourage students to reflect on how they are preparing to become global citizens through engaging workshops and guest speakers
  • Promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth by engaging with topics that promote mutual respect and cohesion


Date Theme
8th September 2018

World Literacy Day

4th October 2018

National Poetry Day

11th October 2018

International Day of the Girl
17th October 2018

Year 7 Celebration of Learning Event

8th March 2019

International Womens Day 

1st April 2019

Year 7 Parents Evening